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So, its been a while since I updated my actual blog, so here's an update as to whats going on with me in the land of SA. I should be sleeping right now as I have work at 7 but meh, sleep will come later.

I passed my subject "Issues in youth ministry" from last semester, and am now in the process of doing 3 more. Communication skills, ministry of youth work and creative living. Communication skills I think will be the most beneficial one both in and out of the course, the intended profession and in my personal life. I think that I'm becoming a better active listener, as well as learning how to express myself better. Express, not articulate. Yes, there's a difference, and we all know how I am with articulating myself.

I'm also on one of the local community radio stations doing a youth show with about 4 others. Look in my facebook groups for Struth5EFM and you'll fond out about it :)

Update on the victor youth center drop in thing as well. We now have finally had a proposal written for a youth center and the need for one in victor. Only what? 11 years and not one been done till now? Better now then never though. So we shall see how that is received by the government and as to if they want to fund it, and give us land etc.

What else has been going on? Just trying to think about it. Oh, new car since I last updated this. Mistubishi colt, manual again, yay!  View photos here. What else has been going on? I don't think much else has been. If I think of anything else then I'll try to remember to post it here.

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