Random quotes

"Since you ask,
most days I cannot remember,
I walk in my clothing unmarked by that voyage
Then the almost unnameable lust returns"
- Anne Sexton

"Drowning in the dark blood of would be brothers who,
beyond the pressing of fingers,
those for whom the slice is only the beginning,
and a different kind of light comes in,
bego recognition and peace of mind"
- Judy Bats

You can be whatever type of person you choose to be.
Your habits, behaviours, your responses, are all your own choice.

"Even though He's the one who did this to you, never thought to question why"
- A Perfect Circle, "Judith"

"And how you've repaid me, denied me and betrayed me."
- Phantom - Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera"

"Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar! And you'll live as you've never lived before"
- Phantom - Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera"

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NZ Quotes

I cannot dare to skate out onto that thin black ice, knowing the seething fires inside will only further weaken it, plunging me into numbing icy cold depths.

"Down inside your crying,
I see it hidden deep
Far beyond the smiles,
You fall and then you weep

Outside you only smile
I notice everyday
Happy on the outside
But inside you just decay"
- Answered life, hey btch

"Taste from your hidden desire,
Drink from this cup of longing"
- Knock Knock

"This poor lost soul
Has been tortured and damaged
Broken and is in pieces
I stare at her
To study who she is
After a while
I recognise her
This little lost soul
...... is me!"
-Lost soul - Hidden black butterfly.

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Good ol latin

Quod me nutruit me destruit

(That which nourishes me also destroys me)

Pereant inquit, qui ante nos nostra dixerant

(All things considered, insanity seems to be the best alternative)

Ordo ab chaos

(Order out of chaos)

Quos de us volt per de re prius dementet

(Those whom a God wishes to punish, He drives mad first)

Quieta non movere

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Aristides - Plutarch

We did not come here to quarrel with our allies, but to fight our enemies, not to boast about our ancestors, but to show our courage"

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They keep our spirit alive, they move us forward in life with hope, wonder and promise.

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Self Injury

I do not seek to mutilate

I do not seek to scar my body

I only seek to make my mental and emotional pain real.

If this means that I injure myself, so be it.

I do not seek the attention this causes

I seek to hide away from the attention my scars get

I seek to hide my scars

They only remind me of my past,

My weaknesses, failures and wrong doings

The scars remind me of the pain, guilt and shame

I have felt many times.

I seek to forget the past, the pain, everything.

I do not seek the questions that are asked of my scared body.

I wish to hide away from these questions,

They make me feel ashamed and the guilt returns when they are asked

I wish to hide away my horribly marked skin

It was not my intention to scar it so.

I do not know "why?" for sure

I can only seek to understand it better

And on so many different levels.

I do not seek your understanding

I in fact hope that you do not understand the pain, guilt and shame

If you do, I am truely sorry that you have had those experiences

I do not seek for you to have the same addiction.

Self - injury is like a drug,

It's my addiction.

I'm trying to beat it, and I find it hard.

I still get the urges everynight, but only some do I  give in to it.

I hope that you never have to find out how hard it is to beat this addiction.

I only seek your awareness

Not of my doing such a thing,

But that it is something that happens,

It is something that many do.

Your awareness of what this really is,

And why it occurs,

That is all I seek

Posted on 30 Jun 2008 by Taen

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