Info about Taen

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Location: Australia

So, I originally set this website up to talk about and bring awareness of Self-injury. It's now that and my personal blog and who knows how many other things.

There was much much more content on this site, however it's been lost due to me being hacked and not having a backup of it. So, we get to start a fresh.

I work as a waitress and am looking at studying Youth Work at Tabor.

About me

Basic Info:
Live In Australia
Not Currently in a relationship

You shall know me as Taen, I don't wish for my real name to be put out onto the internet for all to see.

I am a Christian, though many faiths fascinate me. I think that I am fairly open minded about things and am willing to learn. The darker side of life and motivations behind peoples actions have always interested me.

What are my goals or what do I wish to do? Well I am currently a waitress, and am trying to get a Youth Cafe running where I live. My future plans? I would like to study some more and either do Youth Ministry or become a massusse. Possibility of studying counselling is there, though more thought needs to go towards that.

Why was this site brought into fruition? It's not exactly for the purposes of a blog, though, that's kinda what it's turned into :P It however was originally wanted as a way to explain self injury.

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